Monday, December 12, 2011

Final weeks

I have not done anything really except for writing papers, papers and MORE PAPERS!

I went to Ireland this last weekend and it was incredible. However, I have one more paper to attend to, so I cannot write much about it now. Basically Matt and I flew over to Dublin on Saturday and landed back in Manchester this morning. We did a lot of walking around, Guinness drinking and exploring the beautiful city.
Overall it was incredible, and the accents were simply lovely.

We didn't get outside of Dublin, unfortunately, due to time restraints, but what we did see we enjoyed.

Going to London tomorrow, for the first time, and visiting Jessica Butler who is there for a few days! I am VERY excited! Fortunately, the train will be a perfect place to work on my final essay.

Much love, and see most of you in a week + a day!

Lynette xx

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Went to Manchester on Saturday for Taco Bell and Christmas shopping with Gaby, and had a lovely time.

I was then in Manchester from Tuesday until today to apply for my Chinese Visa, but, long story short, I cannot apply while in the UK. They didn't inform me of this anywhere on their website, which is exceptionally frustrating, and made for a wasted trip. However, I did have two fun evenings with Nicola (as she lives right outside of Manchester in Cheshire, so we stayed at hers). Both nights we went out dancing.
I was able to do all of this because I don't have class on Thursdays, and because my professor cancelled my Wednesday lecture for a strike.

We were on public transportation a lot. Here is one of the many times. 

Nicola's beautiful family home in Cheshire :) My first home stay in England! Also: Nicola lives in Lancaster, but this is her home-home

MANCHESTER! Picadilly. 

At Nando's after the Visa fiasco. We ate some delicious chicken, and a colored a pretty picture. 

Anyway, nothing too exciting otherwise. I've mainly just been working on papers. Yay.

Lynette xx