Thursday, December 1, 2011


Went to Manchester on Saturday for Taco Bell and Christmas shopping with Gaby, and had a lovely time.

I was then in Manchester from Tuesday until today to apply for my Chinese Visa, but, long story short, I cannot apply while in the UK. They didn't inform me of this anywhere on their website, which is exceptionally frustrating, and made for a wasted trip. However, I did have two fun evenings with Nicola (as she lives right outside of Manchester in Cheshire, so we stayed at hers). Both nights we went out dancing.
I was able to do all of this because I don't have class on Thursdays, and because my professor cancelled my Wednesday lecture for a strike.

We were on public transportation a lot. Here is one of the many times. 

Nicola's beautiful family home in Cheshire :) My first home stay in England! Also: Nicola lives in Lancaster, but this is her home-home

MANCHESTER! Picadilly. 

At Nando's after the Visa fiasco. We ate some delicious chicken, and a colored a pretty picture. 

Anyway, nothing too exciting otherwise. I've mainly just been working on papers. Yay.

Lynette xx

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