Friday, November 25, 2011

Lacrosse lately

We just finished our last game on Wednesday. We had two since I last posted about it.

We ended up clobbering the first team, being around 16-7 (although Nicola had to hold back). I also had a goal that was absolutely brilliant: I had beaten about three girls, curling around the last and hit the upper left corner.

The team from this week was a lot closer of a game. Although I didn't score, I did play rather well. At one point I had taken my mouth guard out to tell a player to run up, but she instead turned and passed it to me. Caught off guard, I still managed to catch the ball, but my mouth guard didn't make it back in my mouth as I intended to! So, I ran over, the ball still in my stick, and grabbed the mouth guard from the ground, right in front of two of my opponents. While they tried to check me, I still managed to keep the ball and then passed it off to someone who passed it to someone who then scored. To be honest, it was probably one my top plays this season! I mean, I may have looked rather foolish, but I maintained possession, even though I had to run straight into defenders to get it taken care of.

Anyway, I have a mixed lacrosse tournament on Sunday, so I'm sure that I'll get some pictures then. I'll also upload a picture of our team once the camera's owner posts it to Facebook!

Much love,

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