Friday, September 30, 2011


So today I ended up waking up and moving out of my hostel, onto the Holiday Inn Express for my Bridging Cultures Program. I then met up with Robin, Emma and Marcus at the Manchester Art Museum. There, I saw a lot of beautiful pieces of art work, statues and interesting exhibits revolving around the history of Manchester. Very fascinating!

Manchester has swagger!

We then went over to get cell phones for Emma and Marcus, walking though Piccadilly Gardens. Apparently everyone likes to come and sit on it when there’s sunshine—imagine that!
Excited Manchurians
 We then went to China Town for lunch. We went to an all you can eat buffet. The food was a lot like the Chinese food that we get in the states, although slightly different flavors. Funny, because they had sushi as well, while it is a Japanese dish. I ended up eating Sweet-and-Sour Pork, which had a slightly different sweetness to it; a spring roll that had seaweed in it; etc. It was interesting, too, because they had a constant loop of Britney Spears music videos playing, from all of her albums. Hmmm. Haha
China Town entrance
 We ventured on home, hung out in our rooms (Emma and I talked the whole time, after taking showers, of course), hung out with Marcus for a bit as well, then we went on over to a pub for dinner. I had earlier bought a card supporting a child charity cause which gave me a free shot with any drink there, so it was nice to use the card so soon! This was a Vodka bar, which was an interesting concept; so many different kinds of vodkas! I’d like to go to a bar like that again if possible, simply because I've never experienced anything like it.
Anyway, we got all dressed up for ROLLER DISCO! It’s not like I was prepared for something like this…
Why would I ever be prepared for something like that?
And they were closed. Who knows. Run down… :(
So we instead went to the club that I was actually at the previous night, and we all had a good time dancing there!


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