Friday, September 30, 2011

Manchester United and walking tour

We started off the day with the included breakfast at the hotel. It was a very English meal: beans, eggs and toast were the main dishes. I really am happy with this and could easily get used to it! I’m not really a breakfast person anyway, but beans sound amazing in the morning. Hopefully it’s something that continues!

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY IN A COUPLE HOURS! I totally didn’t even realize it until this very moment!! So completely excited. I have never have a birthday take me unexpected like this before :D It’s just because I’ve been so busy and doing things, etc.

Anyway, we went to Manchester United’s stadium, which was super neat.

 Then we went on a walking tour of Manchester’s cotton history, as they are “Cottonopolis”.
Cotton factory

Textiling factory

Gorgeous library

Manchester's symbol is a bee, and this is their coat of arms

We ended the evening over dinner of curry.
To be honest, I really do not like how in Europe one has to call upon the waiters. I think what bothers me is in the instances such as tonight where we had to hassle the guys to get our check, then they forgot about us…so we waited probably around an extra forty-five minutes since Robin continued to talk during the pauses about different things about England, briefing us on stuff, etc.

Planning on going out for my birthday, at least a little bit…gotta get the internet to post this and then maybe buying a birthday Jaeger. Yay!

Okay, adios!

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