Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flights and settling in

Hello all!

Lynette here, writing in the hostel in Manchester, UK.

My flights were broken up nearly in half: SEA to NY, then NY to Manchester. The first flight was fortunately spent sitting next to an attractive young army student who was very easy to talk to, who conveniently was my age. I really enjoyed the time I spent next to him and wish that I would have asked if we could be Facebook friends, as I feel like he wanted to. Oh well. Almost twenty minutes straight of turbulence, which was making me sick to the stomach, but everything ended up okay. I then had a four hour layover, so I spent a bit of it getting my nails done, as they were looking atrocious (as well as it being a productive time waster). I also ended up talking to Scotters on the phone, as well as Amelia. My second flight I ended up watching movies the entire time (the system was way better than normal, as well).

I had a pleasant taxi ride to my hostel and no complications anywhere with either baggage, customs or anything else that could have come up. Well, unless you count the fact that my plane's power went out right before we almost took off! The airport lost power so all the planes did as well, presumably for security reasons.

I am planning on seeing the city right after starting this blog. I guess I'll just start new blogs each time I've done something productive, rather than adding to old ones.

Anyway, off to "ramble" the city! I will hopefully end up taking some pictures today and posting them later on tonight


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