Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy birthday to Lynette!

So basically we spent the morning on the bus back to Lancaster.
I had the best birthday ever, btw. Beautiful English boy at the club that I ended up dancing with the whole time, to songs such as “I Get Around” by The Beach Boys, “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis, “I’m a Believer” by the Monkees, etc. It was amazing, and the time I was able to spend with him was incredible. I plan on seeing him again if possible.
Anyway, I got onto Lonsdale campus, which I really like, and I then got all my stuff into my room, etc. I kept my door open, held by a sock as a door stop, and a girl came by and introduced herself. I forgot her name at the moment, but I’m sure you’ll hear about her and the others more later. Very beautiful girls, who are really into fashion— super intimidating, not going to lie. I definitely dress like an American (jeans, nicer t-shirts even, but no leggings, no lacey see-through tops…) so I don’t fit in with them much at all. Already today they have changed outfits once, and viewing the one girls’ room was super intense seeing all her jewelry and clothing in general. It’s just a different world here when it comes to dressing, at least in my flat. I really like the girls though! I just figure we’ll only really be connected by our flat mate status.
So we all went and bought out Freshers pack for the nine days of craziness, then we sat on the grass and talked for a little while. We then headed back to our hall (perhaps it’s called something different) and I worked on my room while they all ate I think and did some other things. It’s interesting, because the two really poshish girls don’t necessarily pay attention to your conversation if they see someone more important, and they often just leave the talk in the middle—rather awkward and not really polite. That’s alright though; they’re still nice people and are being friendly, so that’s all I can really ask for.
There’s another American in our dorm, but I’m finding him rather obnoxious: he often interrupts, and likes talking to the extent where it becomes irritating. I don’t really know how to explain it other than just a bit awkward. Maybe I’m just judging… I just don’t see him as someone that I would hang around a ton. However, his heart is definitely in the right place.
I really like a girl in our flat named Megan. She’s from a little outside London and is a total sweetheart. She’s less dressy than the others, but is still trendy. I guess she’s just less intimidating, and seems more personable than the others. She also is a big Maroon 5 fan, so we get along in that regard quite nicely.
So we all went to a Lonsdale gathering with all the Lonnie freshies. I cannot WAIT for the competitions! I have a feeling that I might just become close to other people in Lonsdale rather than my flat mates specifically. Nothing against my flat mates, but I just feel like we’re almost just really at different points in our lives. I would be happy to instead get into the international club and meet some awesome travelers; play a sport and get close with those ladies/blokes; meet people elsewhere in general. Obviously it’s only the first night though, so who truly knows which people I will grow close to and whatnot.
To be honest, I think that I’m actually experiencing culture shock, but more so because of the way the all the females dress. Over 80% are completely made-up for every day dress, which is crazy to me! Also, even if I were to dress up, I still wouldn’t be dressed up in the same way as they are because the style is so incredibly different. Quite honestly, I wish that they dressed more German. I actually fit in while studying in Germany. Here, clothing-wise at least, I totally don’t. And it’s not really that much of a bad thing! I just wish that I were a bit closer than I am.
My room won’t be getting internet until tomorrow, so I’ll hopefully be posting this actually on my birthday because AB (American boy) has internet, as he’s been around for a while. I truly just hope that people don’t look at me and think that I talk like he does!
I ended up eating a traditional potato for dinner, provided by Lonsdale itself. It was absolutely delicious! I was a happy camper, although now I’m overly full. I saw someone projectile vomit while walking toward the building to go into the bar, so that rather turned me off from staying around outside. Consequently, I was cold as well so I told Megan and AB that I was cold and then I wandered around trying to find my building. Marcus and I are going to go shopping now for supplies, so that should be good!
It’s only the first day and all, but I’m kind of missing Manchester. For whatever reason it really felt like home to me there. Everything seemed really right, and although  I love Lancaster and Lonsdale, I really truly loved all that Manchester was. However, I’m pretty sure that I will grow to love Lancaster just like I love Linfield and just like I love home: because it is mine, and the experiences that I will gain here will not compare to anything else I could receive!
So, I ended up going with Marcus to get supplies, then ran into an idiot American who set his UK to US adapter on fire. It was embarrassing. He gives a bad name to us Americans, to be quite honest… he even wears cargo shorts in a foreign country—wow. Just kidding! He’s actually super cool and his name is Matthew—or Matt—and he is going to school in Minnesota, originally from Chicago. I basically invited him to hang out with Marcus and I because he didn’t have anything to do, and it ended up working out beautif’ly. His college doesn’t have people moving in til tomorrow.
Anyway, we all got cheap beer, theirs with the repulsive names of “Old Speckled Hen” and Fursty Ferret. Oh my goodness it was too funny. “Old Speckled Hen” was impressively awful. I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a disgusting beer in my life. It was wrong in every way.
We then wandered, trying to find my flat. It didn’t work out so well with our detours, due to my accidental leading. I blame it on them for letting me walk in front. Haha.
We ended up dancing and sitting on the pavement just talking. Lots of dancing though. It was super fun having Matt along because he really enjoys dancing, and is quite good at it, so it kind of boosted up the energy. I also think that Marcus had a better time because there was more intense dancing going on so he felt more comfortable letting go. There was also a wonderful moment when Matt and I sang “1 2 Step” by Ciara together. Hahahaha.
Anyway, Marcus went back to his flat to go to sleep, and Matt walked me to my own, since I had a reputation of failing at finding it. We ended up talking outside, but my feet hurt because it was my FIFTH day of dancing in a row, including all the walking tours…so yeah, my feet were killing me. So we ended up sitting inside in first flat’s kitchen. We then went upstairs, since neither of us like to stop talking which turned into a challenge; we read “Would You Rather” cards; laughed hard at stupid things; I forced him to guess who was who on my wall of pictures; and we altogether had a lovely time. I can see this shaping into a wonderful friendship :’) 

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