Monday, November 21, 2011

13/11 - Roman Baths!

Just adding a few pictures and captions from my time in the Roman Bath museum/landmark :)

This was the same weekend as Stonehenge, even though I'm just posting about it now

Roman Baths: Est 23AD

The only thermal springs in all of Britain. The bath still has its original lining.

Roman coins dating before 43AD. Still decipherable!

What the baths are known to have looked like

Beautiful gemstones dating back to the later 1st c. AD, discovered in  1878 in the Roman drain

They could have either been given to the gods or have loosened  off of rings whist the owner bathed. The latter is the more assumed

Healing bath for those of all ages and problems

Roman women sitting at the bath. 

The front!

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