Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guy Fawkes (PHOTOS UP!) and home lacrosse match

I figure that there isn't much point to my posting a new blog every day, because there's no point when things aren't happening. At least, it is harder for my motivation to kick in when that is the case.

Guy Fawkes night was on Saturday, so Matthew and I met up with some people in town and watched the fireworks show (Stanwood's is better, just saying). It was cool and all, and I did see some different firework displays than ever before. However, it just wasn't as good as Fourth of July back home.
Apparently in some English schools to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, children make little dolls of Guy Fawkes and then burn them. Talk about learning history hands on! "And this, children, is why we don't try to go against Parliament!". Either way, it was interesting to learn about what happened, as all I knew about was what I watched in "V is for Vendetta" (which, in fact, is an excellent movie).

I'll hopefully get some pictures from Matthew's camera of the fireworks. We left directly from his room, and I didn't think ahead to bring a camera. Oh well. Eventually I'll steal the photos off of his!

I had my second lacrosse game today. The final score was 6-23, which isn't absolutely awful. However, no one was able to catch the ball today (myself aside--I think I was the only one with a true on-day). Our team was just kind of all over the place; rather unfortunate. However, I did score a beautiful goal by rolling past a defender, beating a few others and placing the ball into the lower corner of the net. I'm a little surprised that I didn't get called for excessive celebration! I did a little victory dance, and was taking in all the joyful screams from the boys team that was watching us. I almost did a cartwheel, but refrained since I had a stick in my hand. ...and because I didn't want to be a proper showoff. Matt came to watch the game as well, so I dedicated the goal to him--when I was running back up the field I pointed my stick right at him, which in my world means "that one's for you, baby", hahaha! Fairly certain that he was really proud of my game. I really did have an excellent game, catching everything that was thrown to me, beating a lot of girls, and also checking a lot of sticks and running off with the ball. I did accidentally check a girls wrist though, which I felt a bit bad about, but she played on and it wasn't called, so all-in-all it worked in my favor. I'm partially a crowd favorite, too, as I take out a lot of girls and the guys love it (because who doesn't like it when games are played powerfully?). Generally it's not on purpose that I knock them to the ground, but because I'm simply more aggressive than the others: if I want the ball, I'm going to get the ball, regardless of who is in my way.

Anyway, we're all meeting up and going out tonight, which I look forward to. I'm a bit tired, but I took a little nap after my game which was helpful.

Overall everything has been going well! I'm going to Bath and Stonehenge this weekend, so I'll be sure to post on the blog on Sunday once I get back. It should be a lovely time. I'm traveling alone, which I am very excited to do! It's about time that I have my own schedule and the opportunity to explore endlessly. The weekend after Matt and I will be going to Edinburgh, Scotland and meeting up with a group of people there to explore and hang out. It's looking like, overall, it's going to be a good next few weeks!

Much love,
Lynette xxxx

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