Friday, November 11, 2011

Bath, the beginning

I have arrived safely in Bath with very little problem. I will be going on a full day tour of Stonehenge tomorrow, and hopefully a walking tour on Sunday before my train departs.

Fairly long train ride, but nothing bad. I had seats the entire way, so that was a plus. I ended up reading and somewhat mapping out one of my essays for class, as well as sleeping most of the way to Birmingham.

Anyway, I wandered around the city a bit looking for my hostel, and am very impressed with the beauty that it possesses! The shopping centre is simply stunning. I'll definitely be taking a lot of photos this weekend!
The one picture I look: Bath Abbey. Rain and all. LOVELY!

I was hoping to go to a 90's night tonight, but I figure that I can wait for another one, as I'm rather tired right now and have an early tour to catch.

Much love,

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