Friday, November 25, 2011

Edinburgh 20/11-21/11

This city in Scotland was absolutely brilliant. I think I'm just going to upload pictures and label them, and you can just assume how good of a time that I had. We were there on the 20th & 21st. Unfortunately, I forgot my memory card in my computer after the first day, so I didn't get any pictures from the tour we took on Sunday.

The other main thing that I didn't get a picture of was me eating haggis. It was quite good, actually!

Okay, enjoy the pictures!

Reception for our hostel was behind the bar!

Gorgeous buildings :)

The city as the night grew in on it

His hat just cracked us up. Haha

View from the castle :)

The castle just sits on the rocky hill. It's incredible!

Matthew and me in front of Edinburgh Castle :)

Its walls

Inside :)

Aaaand this is the city of Edinburgh!

While on the Whiskey Experience: a tour where we learned all about the Scots and their alcoholism...erm...I mean, whiskey making. :P

On the train home--I had a cosmo in a can. It was gross. But I didn't get carded and Matt did, which was pretty much hilarious. Haha

Much love,
Lynette xx

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