Thursday, November 10, 2011

Absolutely random photos, and lacrosse night out (9/11/11)

So the former of these photos are from various evenings that I haven't shared yet, as they have been taken by other people (and uploaded to Facebook). I also am uploading some of the town of Lancaster

Secondly, I have a few pictures from our lacrosse social last night after our fixture. 


Matthew and I at Revolution on the foam night <3 xx
Tom and I on the bus to town for Beach Night during Freshers week

Tom, Gabi and me at Spoons. Gabi is the other American lacrosse player, and Tom is our social chair, as well as one of the top men's players

At Yates' with Tom one random shopping Thursday :)

Henry, the hall vacuum

The location of our first lacrosse game: Liverpool

Group of lacrosse team :)

Lancaster Castle: the prison

Castle view #1

Castle view #2

Castle view #3 

Just a normal look at town, given that there are blue skies

Lancaster city centre

Gabi was really sick yesterday, so not able to play. She did come out for the social so that we could talk about the different aspects of the game, as well as to simply catch up with everyone: she's been sick for a while.
TK and me last night 

Sarah, Becca, Alex, TK and Chris (another American)

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