Monday, October 31, 2011


Matthew and I headed to York for the weekend. I still need to get some pictures from him to complete the full blog post, but I can start on it now and then add later.

We ended up having to leave on a train at 7:22AM on Saturday, and then didn't get off at the right spot. So, in a nutshell, we rode all the way down to Manchester to turn around and come back up to the North. However, it wasn't a big deal at all :)

Right by the gardens and train station

York is an absolutely beautiful city. We dropped off our bags at the hotel, then explored for a while.

Beautiful tourist destination sign. I found it very classy

The castle wall

A coffee shop located inside a lookout locaion!

We ended up eating some delicious Italian food for lunch (myself lasagna and him a salad), and then went back to move our bags to our room. I will admit, the hotel was a bit old and creaky, but it was worth saving the money since we were only there one night.

We ended up watching Illuminating York, which was incredible. Those are the pictures that Matt took on his camera (mine was left in the hotel). It was absolutely BRILLIANT. Make sure to check back for those photos.

We had dinner at Witherspoons, and it was rather fortunate that the bouncers didn't second guess our ages when we walked straight in, as my ID was left in the hotel as well. I wasn't really feeling hungry, but my tummy was lying to me. I ate a wonderful burger and was quite content.

Sunday we went out and about, jumping on a "hop on hop off" tour bus, which led us all around town, telling us scary stories. We then got on another one of the buses which had a live tour guide, which was far better because we could always understand her! Interesting random facts about York: it is well known for being a haunted city; was held by the Vikings for a while; has a long term rivalry with Lancashire; etc... I was able to learn so much this weekend that it's hard to remember what it all consisted of! We also had the time to walk around the top of the wall which enclosed the majority of the city. It was very beautiful!

The wall while on it, and from the side

We had brunch at a very delicious restaurant: myself having lamb shoulder, Matt with fish & chips. We also went to Starbucks to people watch, into a museum about gladiators that were excavated within York, wandered around on our walk back to the station and a National Railway Museum.

The cathedral

Another view of the gorgeous cathedral!

Altogether an amazingly fun weekend, in which Matt and I grew very close to one another through the traveling experience.

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