Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First week of classes!

So I figure that I should fill you in on my first week of classes!

Monday I went to Aesthetics. Which I dropped today. It was too hard to stay awake in a class where the professor started off saying "there won't be any time for questions because I need to get through the lecture". this being my first class of the week, I didn't think that it would be a problem. However, in my other two classes, it was definitely not like that. The content was not read off a powerpoint, and it was actually interesting.
Matt and I had the most ridiculous dinner of a pound of bacon plus cheese, and then chicken. It was awful. Our stomachs hated us. It was just way too much food...meat, specifically.

Tuesday I had "Philosophy of Science", which was quite interesting. I ended up enjoying it, although I was a bit drowsy. I ended up just eating during class, which saved me. I had lacrosse later and had a good time playing around again. I ended up playing attack, and basically dominating. Except not completely. ...quite a bit though. I play better than a lot of the returning players, so that's rather nice. I then just ended up hanging out with Ben and Danny, getting some pizza. I also ate a plate of spaghetti. It's probably my favorite meal to make, as it's less than £1 a meal, when you divvy it all out.

Today I went to "Knowledge and Reality" and really enjoyed it. Engaging professor, and very interesting topics.
I changed up my classes, so that took a while. Then Matt and I hung out for a bit, made some chips back at my flat and once again made far too much food. We ended up attempting to pawn them off on my flatmates, but in the end were able to get rid of them with one of my friends from Flat 2. It's really nice, because my flatmates and I are really becoming like a family. They really like Matt, too, so that helps because we can all just hang out.

Although I am talking a lot about my hanging out with Matthew, it really isn't all I do. It's just one of the highlights of my day, so I figure I should mention it. For the most part, I've been hanging out with my flatmates, eating, or running errands around campus.

Hopefully I'll be going on a trip not this weekend, but the next; potentially up to Scotland in Edinburgh.

One of the problems about Lancaster is that there's nothing to do for free. Basically to get into town and do anything of importance, or excitement, it's about £10, so not a daily thing to do.

Tonight, I'm going out to Elements, a club, with all my non-fresher flatmates. Potential pictures later.

Much love,

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