Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lake District

I went on my first traveling adventure on Sunday to the Lake District.

It was a regular gloomy, English day, but filled with a lot of adventuring and discovering.

Marcus, complete with poncho
So basically Marcus and I had a nice easy breakfast of tea and pastry, and then wandered for a bit until we got to go on an island boat tour. 

The town of Windermere :)
We also spent some time around the swans and ducks near shore. Too cute!
Swan and I
The cruise we got on
We then hopped on the boat, which took us around the lake and by all the different little islands. It was pretty rainy, but fortunately Marcus and I went to the top deck when it wasn't all too horrible 
Small islands in the lake!
It was altogether a nice little tour, and I'm glad that we got to be on the lake for a bit! Bummer the weather was so English, though. Haha

Up on top deck, wind howling!

 We then wandered around the town a bit more, continually seeing stores about Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter herself. Getting curious, we popped into a place called "The World of Beatrix Potter". It turns out that Beatrix lived here when she was writing the majority of her animal stories! Feeling the nostalgia rushing back from reading the books at Grandma Lietz' place, I went on the tour while Marcus went off exploring elsewhere. Apparently he doesn't like being a child...haha. Actually, I think it's mainly because he never got into the stories when he was younger.

Anyway, the interactive tour was AMAZING! Here are some various pictures from inside it :)

They had a "Peter Rabbit's Garden" place with actually green growing. It was a beautiful little garden!

The inside felt, smelled and looked exactly like what it would be like if one stepped into the story books!

For each character there was a little screen that where you could read about the idea behind the character. As it turns out, Beatrix was an animal lover that wrote stories about her own pets! It was AMAZING reading about where the inspiration for the different characters came from
 Marcus and I then caught back up to each other and went out for lunch. Here is our stereotypical British meal:
Starting with tea

Having fish and chips, with some odd salad and mushy peas. Best fish yet though! Yum yum!!
 We then went out with Larissa (a Canadian) and an English boy, presumably called Tom (pretty sure that every British man's name is Tom...). We wandered around this next city (I have forgotten its name) and basically just saw a lot of sheep! Nothing too exciting, although nice to have some time in the countryside :)

Anyway, that was my time out in the countryside! Fairly certain that I just came home after that and spent some evening time with Matthew, then came back to my flat and went to sleep! Altogether a productive day. I really enjoyed all I did hanging out with Marcus and Larissa.

Much love,

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