Monday, October 24, 2011

Not too much...

Honestly, nothing has really happened in the last week. It has basically consisted of classwork and day-to-day tasks, such as cooking and eating, sleeping, reading for class and hanging out with friends around the flat.

Let's see, I woke up one morning and then the fire alarm went off. Usually, it's just a drill, so I didn't wear any shoes. Apparently the house next to us, which is connected to us somehow, had a kitchen fire. No one really knows who did it, or at least we didn't at the time, and we ended up spending about twenty-five minutes sitting around in the bar, waiting for the firefighters to do their thing and tell us when we were in the clear to go back.
It was rather fun, because my friend Ben and I played a game where we guessed whether people had been to class or had just woken up. It was really easy, but hilarious. About 80% had not seemed to have left their room yet that morning, Ben and I being two of them. So many trackies (sweats) and tshirts!

Truly, nothing else too exciting. Was going to go out on Friday, but had a little too much and decided to instead just hang out with Matt. It was nice meeting some new people, but they ended up going to the club that I didn't want to go to anyway. It was fun getting all dressed up though!

I've been recovering from being a bit sick, so I kept down-low this week. I am SO glad that mom convinced me to get a flu shot because it had really saved me from getting sick. Basically I just don't really have much of a voice right now, nor have I for a while, and my nose has been getting a bit clogged up. However, there are no flu-like symptoms that have been keeping me down. EVERYONE is getting sick right now though, all around me. Basically all of my closest friends have been infected, to the point where they cannot even look down at homework to study. I really do think that it has been the flu shot that saved me from getting a sore throat and really quite ill. Thanks, mom!

Anyway, had my gym induction today and am really looking forward to working out there.
Oh! And my first lacrosse game is this week, over in Liverpool. SO EXCITING!! I really love the team :)

This next week is really packed, so I'm excited to actually get to do some things. This weekend I'm going to head over to York to see the lights and such (I'll take pictures, I promise). There are also just a lot of things going on in town that seem appealing for the week. AND! I'm getting a haircut today! YAY!

Much love,
Lynette xxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Glad the flu shot has saved your butt this week!!! I do think they are a good idea, but the menfolk are still not covered. Glad to hear from you,as I was wondering why nothing had been written in 7 days..... The cathedral at York was one of my "must sees" in England--so much interesting history happened there. Enjoy!