Sunday, October 16, 2011


I figure that I'll just give you my run-down on my typical Saturday as they have been, and to come:

1. Wake up at some type of hour in the late morning (such as this morning I woke up around 11, as I had been out late with friends [Emma and her flatmates] the night before, dancing at Sugarhouse, the college's very own club)

2. Hop on the bus with Matt to go to town to do our weekly shopping!

3. Buy my fruits and vegetables from my favorite stand, generally amounting to less than £5 for everything.

4. Eat something completely unhealthy for our breakfast/lunch. For example: last week we had mini doughnuts, much like the ones that are at Lights of Christmas; this week, we had delicious "pancakes", AKA crepes--I had nutella and banana, while Matthew had Baileys and buttons (Bailey's the alcohol and Cadbury chocolate rounds! Talk about a crepe that mom would love!!).

5. Go up to the butcher's and pick up whatever meats are sounding good for the weekly meals, generally costing under £8. Today I ended up picking out some sausage, bacon and minced beef (planning on making shepherd's pie later on!). Overall, I really like this step because I know that the people are getting the meat from their own farm, and because it's inexpensive, delicious and from locals!

6. Buy bread from the bread stand. Today, we appeared right when they were closing, so I got two baguettes for £1, rather than £2. It was rather nice. Unfortunately, they didn't have the delicious bread that I picked up last week. I think that we just came a bit too late this time, even though last week it was even later. Well, so it goes. :)

6. Walk down to the Sainsbury's, which is much like our Albertsons, or other general grocery store. Low prices, good deals and a great supplier of everything else needed. We tend to spend the most time here, making sure that I get everything checked off of my list. Today we honestly probably spent an hour and a half just collecting everything that we needed. It is so nice to have a list though! I kept my original one, so I've been just building off it, giving or taking what I enjoyed previously and what I could do without.

7. Hop on the bus back home and put away all that we bought. The bus to and from town is £2.25, which isn't all too bad. It's also very worth getting to walk around and have a set tradition of visiting the market on Saturdays. I don't know what I'm going to do the weekends when traveling, but perhaps just buy food on Wednesdays, as the market is open then as well! I really enjoy the market in general :)

8. Cook dinner together, generally at my flat, with all the newly acquired foods! Tonight we had carrots and peppers that Matt seasoned and cooked up in the oven, fried potato slices with cheese and fried sausage. It was most definitely delicious. I rather like cooking with Matt, as neither of us truly know what we're doing. We instead just sort of get a random idea and just go for it. It has worked in our favor, and also definitely against us. But tonight, for once, we actually made the right portion size! We've had our fair share of issues with that in the past (both the bacon/chicken and chips fiasco). Fortunately, we're figuring it out as we go along!

Altogether, I have to say, Saturdays are by far my favorite day. I like the consistent routine, and I also do love spending a day wandering around with Matt. We just get along so entirely well and it feels so natural to be together often.

Much love,
Lynette xx

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