Monday, October 31, 2011

Revs week!

Hello all!

This week has been rather fun, in general. All my classes went really well, and I had many things to do at night!

Tuesday, I went to Revolution for the foam party. Once again, the foam rather was lame. When I've always thought, and heard, of foam parties, it always involved foam up so high that you need shorts in order to feel comfortable; a bath tub of bubbles. Well, at Revs, they squirted out foam for about five minutes and then stopped; and they waited until late late into the night. Overall, it was a mass disappointment.
However, Matt and I made the best of it by going downstairs and filling in on karaoke: someone didn't show up for the song "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt, a song that Matt and I had already mocked together. So, being the good people we are, we took over and proceeded to try and black the memory out of our minds.
I was really wound up, because I ended up drinking a red bull, so we have sort of decided to never go down that route again, especially when he is getting tired. Haha.

Foam party at it's peak

Matt + Lynette + foam
The next day, lacrosse had our first game. We did a lot better than I thought we would, final score being 6-20. The other team had been in a higher division the previous season, and this is our first year actually being in a league; we also had ZERO subs, while they had about eight.
I played rather well, and was quite happy with my performance. However, I did accidentally check (aka hit) my own player in the head. I was going for the ball, but the opponent stepped out of the way, leading my stick to take a crack at Georgie. :( I felt absolutely awful.
I didn't score, but I did take out a girl which directly lead to my teammate scoring. Nicola, my teammate, has played on Scotland's national team. She is not only an incredible player, but also exceptionally nice!

Nicola and I :)

So here we are, game over, wind howling. No bus. The bus dropped us off, and then took the fencing girls to their match. We waited. And waited. And sat and froze, then threw the ball around with each other. FOR THREE HOURS. It was absolutely ridiculous. However, we did have a good time socializing and bonding with one another.

Our next bonding experience: Revs together. About a third of us went and met up with the boys team (who had lost 0-40 or so). Since I ended up winning the award of "Dick of the Day" due to my hitting a teammate, I had to chug a pint. Not really fair, considering they all learned to chug when they were probably 16, whereas I didn't drink until far more recently! Either way, I had an AMAZING night out with them!

Girls left to right: Gabi, myself, Becky (our keeper), Nash (our captain), Sarah, Lauren, Georgie and Nicola
Boys (whose names I know): Freddie (second left), Tom (our social chair, in blue button up) and Alex (green)

The way back to the bar was very clearly labeled at Witherspoons

Alex, TK and me
Thursday was the final Revolution night. Finally. It was SUPPOSED to be a Ben and Jerry's night. However, just like the foam night, there was much disappointment. Fortunately, Matt and I got in for free because of Facebook (I had posted it as my status and therefore made the free guestlist), so we only spent a total of £3 each for the entire night.
Aaaaaaand here's where the disappointment started:
"Ben and Jerry's"
WHAT?! Yeah. That's what I thought. We waited around for hours. For that. EW. But at least it was practically free ice cream.

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