Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Freshers Week: the beginning

Went to go register at the library, which is at the opposite end of campus (about a twenty-five minute walk, or so), and it was raining pretty hard. Waited in a queue, only to find out that I needed my passport! Irritating. So, I walked right on back and grabbed some stuff. I then called Marcus to see if he was going to get it all done, so I waited for him so that we could do it together. Got everything taken care of and such, then hung out with him for a bit and headed back to my room to set up my internet!

I then ended up working on my tshirt for Freshers Week, house wars. There are about fifteen houses that compose Lonsdale's campus, so we all competed against each other. Anyway, the rest of my flatmates (the floor of my house) and I cut up and drew on our tshirts, preparing them for the vandalism at the night's event.
Overall, in each college, there are about 1,000 students, ranging in their years. Freshers week only applies to the first years, so you can probably estimate how many students are coming to the different events.
So we then headed down to first floor of our house and then proceeded to walk over to the campus bar.

House Wars point system

Megan and I

Our arm wrestling champion!

A slight taste of the havoc surrounding the competitions
Anyway, a guy named Tom who I had talked to earlier in the week ended up finding me and we had a fun time cheering on our house, number 38 of course. We then ended up leaving and hanging out back at the house, as freshers week, as fun as it is, isn't quite all one could hope for. Haha

We then just spent a lot of time talking about America and England; mainly the former. It was nice to talk to someone about my country when they really respect it! I haven't gotten any bad responses, of course, when I talk about the US, but Tom was really interested and we ended up talking politics for quite some time.

I then got a call from Rhiannon (the fashionable girl whom is almost intimidating) telling me that Matt was looking for me! Unfortunately, Matt does not have a phone, nor do I think that he wants to get one. Therefore, it's basically impossible to get in contact with him, which I find kind of a bummer. Anyway, it was nice to see him! I ended up going out and meeting him back over by the bar (which is right outside of my house) and we hung out for a while before I went to sleep.

Today I ended up going to an early meeting, feeling a bit under the weather, eating a cheeseburger, going to another meeting, going to town, buying bedding then coming back home. I then spent the evening just in my flat with some second year boys, who are extremely funny and really nice. I really enjoyed the fact that I could have a chill out night, rather than going on the town.

Anyway, life is good and I'm having a lovely time!


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